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  • Miyokos Mozzarella

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    We're Miyoko's plant based batter mix

    "The love of fine food and animals doesn't have to be mutually exclusive."

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    "I'm Not Vegan, but I Will Never Stop Buying This Vegan Cultured Butter"

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    "Miyoko’s Creamery takes vegan cheese to a seriously luxe level."

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    "This cashew milk-based mozzarella is pure magic."

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    The Fluffiest Vegan Chocolate Buttercream

    Create the fluffiest, creamiest French chocolate buttercream made with Miyoko's Unsalted European Style Plant Milk Butter; a perfect pairing for all your baked goods.


    Vegan Mozzarella Sandwich

    A flavorful, loaded sandwich with fresh greens and balsamic. The perfect 10 minute lunch.


    The Perfect Vegan Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake

    So simple to make, yet so delicious. This classically rich and fruity strawberry swirl cheesecake made with our Classic Plain Cream Cheese is a must-make for your next summer picnic.


    Why Being a B Corp Matters

    Becoming a Certified B Corporation is a rigorous process, but we wouldn't have it any other way.


    Our Stakeholders: Planet

    The planet is speaking loud and clear. It’s more important than ever to take action and we are committed to doing our part.


    Our Stakeholders: Animals

    Our biggest impact in fixing our food system comes from changing people's perceptions of animals.


    Our Stakeholders: People

    From the farmers who grow our ingredients, to our passionate and dedicated employees, everyone plays an essential role in our business.