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Our Stakeholders: Animals

By, Miyoko's Creamery | Apr. 16, 2023 | Impact

Our biggest impact in fixing our food system comes from changing people's perceptions of animals.

two cows

Animals are living beings, not ingredients

The connection between animals and food is rarely discussed. Most people will consider themselves animals lovers but fail to see the connection between this and what's on their plate. With intensive animal agriculture expanding across the country, animals are treated as commodities, rather than individual sentient beings. However, over the last decade, we’ve witnessed an extraordinary rise and development of the plant-based movement, which has brought consumers more compassionate, sustainable, and healthy alternatives to conventional offerings. 

We're on a mission to inspire change

That’s where Miyoko’s comes in. We were founded out of an unequivocal love for animals, not as ingredients but as living beings. Through each branch of our business, we are passionate about making a more compassionate world for this important stakeholder. We believe that changing people’s perceptions of animals is the key to fixing our broken food system. By crafting delicious and compassionate options, we’re empowering anyone to evolve the way they eat and inspiring a true actionable love of all animals.


And, there’s more to our work. We’re committed to amplifying our communal mission by donating to farmed animal sanctuaries and partnering with awareness organizations. By working together across the food system, we can create a world where animals are valued for their inherent worth, not just for the value they provide to humans. But for us, it’s not just about what we do – it’s about why we do it.


At Miyoko’s, we know that businesses have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to lead through mission and values, particularly when it comes to animals. By putting our values into action, we can make a powerful statement about what’s possible and create a ripple effect that extends far beyond their own operations. We’re proud to be a business that leads with love for all animals. We hope more businesses will follow our lead and embrace the power of mission and values to create a better world for all.