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Creamery Traditions

  • the finest ingredients

    At Miyoko's Creamery, we use the finest ingredients to craft our delicious plant milk cheese and butter, searching the plant kingdom for the most nutrient-dense options untapped in nature — nuts, seeds, legumes, grains and beyond. We strive for a plant-milk-first approach to our recipes, which is why you'll see it towards the top of each of our product's ingredient lists. There's also a lot we leave out, from palm oil to xanthan gum, we're intentional about what we are willing to craft with. We hold each of our ingredients to their highest standards, from ethically sourced to certified organic, so you can be sure you're enjoying a product made with organic, whole foods, not the oils, starches, gums, and flavorings typically used in other vegan cheeses and butter.

  • Cultured & Churned

    Our cheese and butter all start with a creamy plant milk base, traditionally cultured just like our artisan ancestors. We searched high and low to find our custom vegan cultures, not stopping till we found the ones that bring out the perfect flavor and texture. On any given day in our Sonoma facility, you'll find freshly milled cashews and wonderful kettles full of creamy plant milk being churned and mixed with other tasty ingredients, like chives or truffle oil.

  • Time-honored Creamery Methods

    Crafted with care and intention, we take a true artisan approach from start to finish. From coating our Herbes de Provence Cheese wheels by hand, to cold-smoking our mozzarella with hickory chips, to the countless racks of cheese we have aging in Sonoma, we invest in the time, equipment, and quality processes that make our product worthy of the world’s finest plant milk creamery.

Craft Ingredients
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