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Homemade Popcorn

Homemade Popcorn

Gather ingredients

    Homemade Popcorn
  • 1/3 cup high quality popcorn kernels
  • to taste
  • Salt to taste


  1. Heat the oil in a 3-quart thick-bottom of saucepan on medium high heat. If you are using coconut oil, allow all the solid oil to melt.​
  2. Add a handle of popcorn kernels to saucepan, shake to spread across the base. Wait for the popcorn kernels to pop.​
  3. When the kernels pop, add the rest of the 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels in an even layer​.
  4. Cover the pot, remove from heat, and count 30 seconds.
  5. Return the pan to the heat. The popcorn should begin popping soon, and all at once. Once the popping starts in earnest, gently shake the pan by moving it back and forth over the burner.​
  6. Melt Miyoko’s European Style Butter in microwave. Pour over popcorn, shake, and toss well.
  7. Serve warm and enjoy!