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New Vibe, Same Plant Milk Cheese and Butter You Love

By, Miyoko's Creamery | Apr. 16, 2023 | Brand

Over a year in the making, we are so excited to share our updated look.

miyoko's butter products


You may have noticed this fancy new site you are on. Or the lovely updated packaging in our shop. Clearly we've been busy with some exciting things! So why the change? While our cheeses and butters still use the same delicious recipe and quality ingredients, their refreshed packaging brings a sleek, sexy, fresh yet timeless vibe to grocery store shelves. We're spotlighting what makes us stand out, like the fact that we always use plant milk in our recipes and not those funky flavorings, low-quality oils, and fillers like some vegan options. Another element you'll see on packaging is a nod to our truly artisan processes, from traditional culturing to our world's finest tagline, to our gold makers mark. We hope you like what you see! Look out for updated packaging on shelves this summer. 


“At Miyoko’s, we are committed to and proud of the quality and integrity of our products. Our intentionally rigorous screening process for each and every ingredient provides us with the best canvas for creating exceptional butters and cheeses. Our product quality does not happen by accident, it is the result of the care and attentiveness of our collective teams, every step of the way.”

Rosalie Burkett (Sr. Director Quality Assurance and Manufacturing)



While it may be a new vibe, we are committed to doing what we do best. In addition to our artisan standards of craft and quality, we remain dedicated to our purpose. Our mission, put simply, is to help create a more humane food system. We want to inspire people to evolve the way they eat by making connections from their love of food, to a love of animals— seeing them not just as ingredients, but as living beings. How do we inspire people to evolve their choices? By creating plant milk cheese and butter that are phenomenally vegan, so that anyone can savor compassionately.


“We honor the incredible legacy and mission put forth by our founder. The Miyoko’s team is continuously committed to our purpose of inspiring a deeper and actionable love of all animals, creating a more humane, just, and sustainable food system. Craft, compassion, courage, and conviviality remain at the heart and soul of our brand and values.”

Rusti Porter (Chief Marketing Officer) 


“It’s important for me to work for a company that shares my values and goals to improve our food system. Miyoko's allows me the chance to collaborate with similarly mission-driven individuals to use business as a force for good. I am so grateful to be part of a company wholeheartedly striving to make our world a better place — for humans, the planet, and animals alike. I hope this rebrand illuminates all the passion that sits behind our name.”

Emma Stein (Sustainability Manager)